About Pete Thayer

BBA, Finance, University of Wisconsin, (Madison) 1971
MBA, Finance, Harvard Business School, (Boston) 1973
Trust Investment Officer, Union Planters National Bank, (Memphis) 1973-1977
President, Gateway Investment Advisers, Inc. (Cincinnati) 1977-1994
President, Thayer Birding Software, LLC (Cincinnati and Naples) 1994-2020

Pete has resided in Naples Florida since 1998 and is not only merely retired, he’s really most sincerely retired. He and his wife Roz have birded together on all seven continents. Pete’s world life list currently stands at 5,333 species.

Pete searching for a Kagu on the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific.

Beginning September 21, 2018, the birding software was offered to kids 18 and younger at no cost. When a global pandemic was declared in March, 2020 the birding software was made available to anyone at no cost. After 25 years, Thayer Birding Software LLC officially closed its doors on December 31, 2020.

This web site, ThayerBirding.org, was created by Pete Thayer in late December 2020 In order to continue to make the software available at no cost until the pandemic is over.