Downloading Thayer’s
Guide To Birds of North America

If you have a fast Internet connection you can download a free version 7.7 right now!
Your computer’s download speed will determine how long it takes. You no longer need to enter a promotion code. Peter Thayer is personally providing free downloads to anyone until the pandemic is over. (The for-profit company Thayer Birding Software, LLC was closed on December 31, 2020. The web site was closed. It now redirects to this web site,

We strongly suggest that you first check your Internet Download speed: Click HERE or HERE
(You may want to test your speed with both – anything over 20 Mbps is good.) 

If you are uncomfortable downloading zipped files from the Internet and extracting them,
then you may want to watch our How-To video first.

Runs on Windows: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
or Mac: OS X 10.9 – OS X 10.11 or macOS 10.12 – macOS 10.13
(not recommended with Mojave 10.14 or Catalina 10.15 or Big Sur 11 unless you also have Parallels 14 or higher) 

Interesting Suggestions:

Turn off other downloads in the house (like streaming Netflix) while downloading the six files. If your download speed is very slow you may want to ask a friend to download the six files for you – if they have a faster connection. You will need to copy the six zipped files that are download to an 8GB or larger USB Flash Drive, take it home, and install version 7.7 from that flash drive. Or take your laptop to Starbucks or the local library. In some areas Comcast will increase your Download speed to 80 Mbps for an additional $10 per month. I did that and it is worth every penny!

 Watch a YouTube Video 
to See How Easy it is to Download the Windows Version 7

Turn off any Antivirus program before downloading and installing.